Choosing a canyoning course

At Canyons we run a lot of canyoning courses. If you count the half-day and full-day versions we have over 40 different canyoning tours in Japan! Many of these locations are only offered as "special tours," that we run at certain times of the year.

In order to match your preference with our tours, we have created a 6 tier canyoning level system, which is based on the French canyoning rating system. If you are a canyoning 'First-Timer,' or a returning customer looking to do more, the information and links below will help guide you to the tour that best suits you;


1. The rating we assign to a canyon is for "normal flows", the thrill level can change depending on the water conditions on the day.

2. As much as possible we try to customize the way we run each canyon for each customer, but it is best to try and choose a course that is appropriate for you and your group.


Beginner tours are available - Hanage - 

Although we do have Level 1 courses we do not offer this level as a standard tour, however, it is possible to make arrangements for special groups and sometimes for participants below 13 years. This type of tour can be made available as a private tour for your group. Contact our reservations team for more information on availability and cost.

What to expect:

  • small low angle slides around 3-4m long

  • small jumps around 1-2m

  • low flows and very easy swimming/floating over short distances (less than 5m)

  • no rappelling or ropework

  • 60-75 mins in the canyon

Who is it for:

  • people that are scared of water and non-swimmers

  • those looking for VERY easy activity with LOW thrills

  • families with smaller kids 


Beginner tours are available - Fox - Holy - Hisetsu

Seasonal dates apply - Maple -  Mononoke -

This is typically the best place to start for MOST people. A great introduction to canyoning with a combination of slides, jumps, and ropework. 

What to expect:

  • steep angle slides up to 8m

  • jumps up to 5m

  • swimming in moderate flows for, up to, 10m in distance

  • rappels up to 20m

  • 70-90 mins in the canyon

Who is it for:

  • people that are water confident (not necessarily swimmers but happy being temporarily submerged in water)

  • first-time canyoners looking for some thrills


Beginner tours are available - Fox Plus - Big Holy - Kiri

Seasonal dates apply - Willow - Big Mononoke - Orochi - Deer -

Deer Canyon Satsuzen Waterfall
This is the highest level that first-time canyoners can participate in. More height, speed, and thrills!

What to expect:

  • steep angle slides up to 10m

  • jumps up to 10m

  • swimming in moderate flows for, up to, 20m in distance

  • rappels up to 30m

  • 90-120 mins in the canyon

Who is it for:

  • first-time canyoners looking for the most adventurous course

  • those that want to take the next step after a Level 2 canyon

SECRET ALERT: The following levels are locked at each stage and only viewable by Canyons members that have completed the qualifying courses. Hence there are no links available.
As you move to the next level more tours will become available, e.g. complete Level 4 to open up Level 5; if you are interested and to find out more please check your Canyons profile or contact our reservations team.


Selected dates apply - Mega Deer - Mega Mononoke - Mega Holy - Mega Maple - Mega Orochi - Mega Kappa - Mega Kiri

From L4 onwards the courses change into full-day adventures, which require a higher level of fitness and some basic canyoning skills. We require participants to have been canyoning with us before on a Level 2 or 3 course OR prove relevant experience overseas.

What to expect:

  • steep angle slides up to 10m, sometimes with vertical drops

  • jumps up to 10m 

  • swimming in moderate flows up to 20m in distance

  • rappels up to 50m

  • 240-300 mins in the canyon

Who is it for:

  • people who have experienced canyoning and want to try a full day course getting deeper into nature

  • those that want to learn more ropework; rappelling and advanced jumps


Selected dates apply: - Crystal Canyon - Poison Canyon - Garan Canyon - Horsetail Canyon

If you are up hooked on canyoning and up for a BIG challenge, then our ultimate courses are for you. Long days with big hikes to get in and out of the canyon are standard, so a good level of fitness is required. The areas we can enter are incredibly beautiful and can only be accessed by canyoning. The courses are spread out all over Japan and are only available at specific times of the season.

What to expect:

  • steep angle slides up to 15m

  • jumps up to 15m 

  • swimming in strong flows with up to 50m in distance

  • rappels up to 80m

  • 240-360 mins in the canyon

Who is it for:

  • experienced canyoners with decent rappelling skills and a decent level of fitness


Selected dates - Secret locations around Japan and Taiwan!

If you really want to push the boundaries of canyoning, then look no further. We have developed some of the best canyons around the world that will leave you in awe of nature.  Physically very demanding and require a good level of experience. We only run these trips a few times a year and keep locations secret to participants only.

What to expect:

  • steep angle slides 15m +

  • jumps up to 15m 

  • swimming in very strong flows with up to 100m in distance

  • rappels over 100m, involving multiple pitches

  • 360-480 mins in the canyon

Who is it for:

  • experienced and fit canyoners that want to experience the BEST there is!


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