Refreshing the world through sustainable adventure experiences!

Supplying the "WOW!" to our customers that exceeds all expectations.

Canyons was set up in 2000, basing itself in the lush nature of Minakami in Gunma to provide outdoor adventure experiences. Since Day One, we have been striving to provide the highest level of refreshing experiences to our customers - rafting and canyoning in green season, snowshoeing, backcountry tours, and English language snow sports instruction in winter. The idea has always been to provide world-class adventure sports experiences with a matching level of safety.

All over the world people are beset by the stresses of day-to-day life as they go through the same motions on a daily basis. This can be especially apparent for those surrounded on all sides by the concrete of a major city.

Canyons aim to be an oasis among all of that. A place where you can come on one of your precious days off and truly refresh. Experiences far removed from your normal life where you can connect with other people and connect with nature.

Experience WORLD-CLASS at Canyons:


Our professional guides have the very highest levels of skill and safety. They run incredibly entertaining tours too.


We've scouted out some of the top courses around, which can hold their own against anywhere else in the world. More than 16 canyoning courses; and the longest rafting course is 30 km. We limit the number of tours we run each day to ensure that you get the maximum amount of time out in the water.


The Minakami Base brings a slice of overseas style to Japan - a large wooden deck, a cafe, bar, and backpacker-style lodge; all under one roof. Relax and unwind in complete comfort after your adventures.


Our equipment is rigorously selected from the world's best, with an eye to finding that perfect blend of functionality and style. We use canyoning-specific wetsuits specially made in France, and our shoes have been chosen for their superb grip.

Come to experience the ultimate refreshing excitement at Canyons, where the wild adventure spirit of New Zealand meets the deep hospitality of Japan.

April, 2015

CEO Michael John Harris


The equipment we have selected for use on our tours is carefully chosen from the very best available on the world market. There is no need for our customers to provide any special equipment themselves. Canyons have everything you need ready and waiting.

Canyons designs and creates our own wetsuits. For canyoning 5mm long john + 5mm jacket. For rafting 5mm long john + 3.5mm jacket.(Sizes XXS-XXXL).


Our guides do not just train to get their guiding license. Everyone undertakes regular training of many different kinds in order to continually improve.


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