Minakami Rafting Tours

Challenge the mighty Tone River


Canyons rafting tours are only held in the Minakami area. The Spring Season brings world-class grade 4+ whitewater and high thrills, and Summer Season involves enjoying playing in and outside the boat on a melow grade 1-2 section. The two seasons are very different in terms of distance covered on the river and the type of experience, so pick your ideal thrill level.

Canyons limits the number of trips held each day. Even though the length and style of tour varies between seasons, Canyons aim to give you the most time to enjoy yourself and experience the real beauty of Japan's nature.

As you descend the mighty Tone River learn about the local history, customs and culture from our professional international guides. The history of the area dates back 35000 years, with the river playing an integral part in the formation of many of the great families of Japan, including the Tokugawa Clan and the creation of Edo(Tokyo).


Minakami Spring

Spring rafting in Minakami is the real deal! Over 12kms of grade 4 whitewater bliss on the half day section and over 25kms on the full day course make for nonstop action! Pass through 3 incredible gorge sections and not only enjoy the thrilling rapids but also learn a bit about the town and its history from our experienced guides.
Suitable for age 13yrs and older.


Minakami Summer

From late June the water level in the river drops and it is summer season rafting which is perfect for those who are not after the high thrills of spring. Mess around in and outside the boat with your guide, and enjoy the stunning nature that surrounds you. Even with the more gentle flow there is still plenty of time out on the river to have lots of fun.
Suitable for age 6 yrs and older

If you would like more thrills in summer we recommend canyoning or packrafting.


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So what's so special about rafting?

  1. Learn about the area and experience the nature. From a raft you get a unique perspective and pass through areas that only a raft can access. The guides can tell you stories about the area and the significance of the river.

  2. A natural roller coaster! Riding rapids is a rush, no better way to get the blood pumping.

  3. Awesome with friends! Rafting is very much a team sports and sharing the adventure is a great teambuilding experience whether is be for partners, co-workers, friends or families.

The Canyons Way

We go the extra for you

Experienced guides and awesome courses

A guide makes the difference between a good day and an incredible day. Our group of international guides are the best in the game and will keep you safe and entertain above and beyond!
The courses we choose are the best sections of river, some of which only our guides can run.

Tour Equipment

We use the highest quality gear, all safety approved and chosen for superior comfort and safety.

Apres Adventure

Apres is one of the most enjoyable parts of the day. Enjoy the surroundings, grab a cold drink at our riverside cafe/bar, talk with the guides and hang out with your new found friends.

Rafting companies in other areas of Japan that we recommend.

The Yoshino River in Shikoku is the an awesome experience and HAPPY RAFT is the company to go for.


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キャニオンズは単なる会社ではなく、コミュニティのひとつでもあり、そこで働く人々は単なる従業員ではなく、家族でもあります。 そんな、わたしたちキャニオンズのひとりひとりのストーリーをぜひ皆さんと共有したいと思います!

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キャニオンズは単なる会社ではなく、コミュニティのひとつでもあり、そこで働く人々は単なる従業員ではなく、家族でもあります。 そんな、わたしたちキャニオンズのひとりひとりのストーリーをぜひ皆さんと共有したいと思います!