Just 20 mins from downtown Kusatsu is Deer Canyon, one of the best technical courses in Japan. A great mix of rapells, jumps and sliders with the largest waterfall being around 35m (Full day course). The course is suitable for first timers that are up for a real adventure.

NOTE: Currently only guided in Japanese
IF there is someone who can translate in the group or if we can organize an English-speaking guide you can participate in the Kusatsu tours.

Nearby there are a number of great onsen (hot springs) including Shiriyaki Onsen where the springs permeate through a natural river bed.


A pioneer of canyoning in Japan
Canyons has been leading the canyoning industry as a pioneer of canyoning tours in Japan.

Small group tour
The maximum number of participants in one tour is limited to 12 people so that each customer can enjoy a high-quality tour. We believe the size of the tour is very important because it means all participants can enjoy nature and the canyoning experience.

Course variations
Canyons offer a variety of canyoning tours. We are actively working on developing new courses so that everyone from beginners to repeaters can enjoy stepping up according to the levels set by Canyons.

Internationally certified guide
Canyons have internationally certified guides. During the period when there is no tour, we train repeatedly and train ourselves so that we can conduct better tours.

Best equipment
The equipment we use at Canyons is the best in the world.

If you would like to learn more about Canyons, the pioneers of canyoning in Japan, check out the link below.

Kusatsu Canyoning tours

All about Kusatsu Canyoning

Kusatsu Canyoning can be summed up in one word: 'Easy access to world-class canyons'.

Many people think of “slider” and “jump” when they think of canyoning, but in Europe, which is the home of canyoning, “rope” is the main focus. It feels like the rope is the main and there are sliders and jumps.

At "Dear Canyon" and "MEGA Deer Canyon", you can experience genuine rope-based canyoning.

It is rare even in Japan to find a course with so many consecutive waterfalls in just a 5-minute walk to the valley. The Deer course is a 10-minute walk from the goal point through the valley. The MEGA Deer Course takes you out of the valley in just 3 minutes. There are so many waterfalls in the valley that you can't even walk.

And the best part is that Canyons is the only company that offers tours for customers on this course.It means that there will be no traffic jams in the valley due to encounters with other companies.

at Deer Canyon

Deer Canyon

It is one of the few courses in Japan where even beginners can experience rappelling by controlling the rope themselves.

It's a 5-minute walk downhill to the canyoning start point, so access is easy.

The guide will give a detailed lecture on how to rappel and practice the basic techniques before entering the valley, so even beginners can experience rope descent like special forces. .

The largest waterfall descending with a rope is 30m. You can also rappel down three 10m waterfalls. There are four sliders in total, and there are many variations in length from 2m to 5m. The two jump points are 2m and 4m high, and people who are not good at jumping can use ropes to descend.

It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the goal point to the car on the way back.

At MEGA Deer Canyon

MEGA Deer Canyon

As a rope course, it can be said that it is the highest course in Japan.

Those who like ropes. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no better course for those who want to improve their rope descent skills.

5 minutes walk to the starting point. With a 3-minute walk to the finish point, it's hard to find a course with a series of waterfalls like this anywhere in Japan.

There are 12 waterfalls in all, and the largest waterfall is 35m. 7 rappels with ropes. Maximum 10m with 5 sliders. There are 3 jumps and a maximum of 9m.


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