Canyons Kiho Open very soon

Canyons new base open in Kansai area soon

Canyons Kiho is opening on July 16th.Its Canyons first base in Kansai area.

We had been operating special tours several times in this area over the past 20 years, but finally set up a base in the town of Kiho to start "Canyons Kiho". So today we have interview with Canyons CRO (Chief Refreshing Officer) Mike, and Fergus and Nana who will run the new base.

First, why did you decide to open new base now that the world has changed so much in Covid-19?


Mike:The demand for adventure tourism is increasing, especially after COVID-19 people are more aware of the need to get into nature for the benefit of physical and mental health.

Certainly, there is a rapidly increasing tendency to spend time in the vast nature rather than in a crowded place where you are scared or cannot remove your mask.

Next, why did you decide to open a new base in Kiho town?

Mike:After nearly 20 years doing event tours in the Kii Peninsula I felt that Kiho has a good combination of great courses for beginners to intermediates, beautiful natural scenery, both train and car access options and the locals are very supportive of adventure tourism.


Then, let's talk to Fergus and Nana, who run Canyons Kiho Base.

How did You guys(Fergus and Nana) run Canyons Kiho?

Fergus:Mike talked to us over a year ago about the chance to open a new base in Kii Hanto. It's a great location and amazing part of Japan so we said YES straight away!

Nana:After Mike talked to us about a new base, we searched about Kiho Town. We realized Kiho town is so beautiful and lots of cool spots ,so we definitely wanted to do it!!

So, you've been talking about opening for over a year, right?

Mike:The decision to open in Kiho was made last year in October and since then there has been a lot of work behind the scenes to get things ready. Ordering of gear from around the world, contracts with local land owners, meetings with local council and communities and choosing a base location.

How did Fergus come to Japan? How much canyoning experience?

Fergus:I came to Japan in 2014 and have been canyoning every year since then. My canyoning experience has mostly been at Canyons but have also been Canyoning in New Zealand as well. Every canyon is completely different to the last so I aim to keep growing my canyoning skills and guiding skill everyday!

What do you expect from Fergus and Nana?

Mike:Delivering on Canyons Mission to REFRESH customers, communities, nature and crew by providing world class sustainable outdoor adventure experiences. I'm sure they will do it because they are always smiling and happy!

So, lets talk about Kiho town more!

What kind of place is Kiho Town?


Nana:Kiho Town is located on the border between Wakayama and Mie prefectures, and the water is very clean, and the atmosphere of the town is very calm and soothing.

Fergus:Kiho Town has it all friendly locals, Canyons, Mountain Trails, world heritage sites and really cool beaches. I still have so much to explore.

We have two kind of canyoning tours in Kiho.

What are the attractions of Kiri Canyon and Hisetsu Canyon?

Fergus:Hisetsu is a great beginner canyon with a really cool Waterfall to finish. And Kiri is a great canyon that has a little bit of everything, great slides, rappels and really beautiful water.

Do you have any recommendations around Canyons Kiho?


Nana:The Kumano River is recommended because the water is so beautiful that you can relax at the riverside! Also, Kamikura Shrine has a huge and magnificent rock and is very powerful. The world heritage Onigajyo is a cool place !

Fergus:Hisetsu no taki Campground Tent Sauna, Kamikura Jinja Matsuri, up the coast has a beautiful coastal walk at Onigajo.

At last, please message to Canyons fan who are expecting the opening of a new base!

Nana:Please come and visit Kiho Town, where there is a lot of clean water and nature, for a canyoning experience ❣

Fergus:We are really looking forward to showing everyone what Kiho Town Canyoning has to offer! See you soon!


Canyons Kiho Base opens on July 16th. During July, it will be a special discount price to commemorate the opening.

Hisetsu Canyon 9500 yen → 7500 yen

Kiri Canyon 11500 yen → 9500 yen

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