Lesson FAQs

What is the difference between skiing and snowboarding?

Skiers stand on two skis, one on each foot and use ski poles to help them balance. They slide down the hill facing forwards using either a snowplough or turns to stay in control.

Snowboarders strap both feet onto one board and slide down the hill sideways. Snowboarders turn the board to stay in control.

Is skiing easier than snowboarding?

If you’ve ever been surfing, been on a wakeboard, rip sticks or skateboarded before; snowboarding may be easier. If you’ve ice-skated or rollerbladed skiing may be easier. If in doubt, we recommend skiing as it's generally easier to balance.

Can we learn skiing and snowboarding in the same lesson?

Everyone in the lesson will need to choose either skiing or snowboarding; the instructor can only teach one at a time. If you have people that want to try skiing and snowboarding they will need to take separate lessons.

Can people with different abilities join the same lesson?

We recommend you book lessons so that only those of the same ability level are in each lesson. With a private lesson, if you’re priority is to ski/snowboard together then you are more than welcome to join different ability levels together but please note, the lesson will be at the level of the slowest student. Those that are a higher level may not get much or anything from the lesson.

What ages do you teach?

We can teach children down to around 3 years old for skiing and 6 years old for snowboarding. As long as they can get boots and skis/snowboards to fit them they can start to learn. Please check with the rental shop first to see if they will have gear small to fit any young children.

We recommend young children try skiing first as it’s a bit easier to balance and they can get going without an instructor holding them up a little bit quicker than snowboarding. Young children definitely can learn snowboarding, but it will require many hours of patient one-on-one tuition, either from a parent or instructor. We strongly recommend one-on-one private lessons for children skiing under 5 and any kids snowboarding under 8.

There is no maximum age for learning to ski, our oldest customer so far was 82! Anyone who is still active and able bodied can give it a try but obviously may learn at a slower pace. Don't worry our instructors can make the lesson as slow and relaxed as you like.

Can we ski as a family?

Children and adults learn at different speeds, and in different ways. We do always recommend children and adults take separate lessons if possible if you want everyone to learn the most. If you’re goal is to spend time together as a family, we also run family private lessons where everyone can learn together. Please note that these lessons will always be more focused on the children.

Do I need a lift ticket?

We recommend that our customers purchase a full day lift ticket so that you can ride on the chair lift if you are able to in the lesson. For more information you can speak with the instructor on the day, as in some circumstances beginners may not need a lift ticket.

What should I bring?

We recommend waterproof outerwear for skiing/snowboarding which can be rented together with your gear. For underneath, you’ll want to bring some thermal underwear (long sleeve tops and long-leg pants). If you don’t have any of these, ladies can wear tights or leggings, for men the best thing you might have would be boardshorts or sports shorts. It’s better to wear lots of thin layers than one big thick one as it’s easier to control how hot/cold you are.

What should I rent?

For skiing/snowboarding you’ll need to have your ski/snowboard equipment (skis or snowboard, boots and poles for skiing), waterproof clothing, gloves and some goggles (or sunglasses if the weather is nice). Please note that helmets are mandatory for everyone under 20 and are recommended for all adults as well.


Booking FAQs

What is included in the lesson price?

Included in the fee is instruction by professional English speaking instructor that will teach you how to ski or snowboard and improve your skills.

What is not included in the lesson price?

Costs such as lift tickets, rental equipment are not included. You will need to arrange your own ski or snowboard equipment and lift tickets prior to meeting the instructor.

It is important to wear waterproof clothing, a hat or helmet, gloves and goggles and all equipment can be rented at the resort when you arrive or from local rental shops. Please advise us in advance if you need some help on arrangement.

Do I have to book in advance?

Pre-booking is recommended as the number of instructors are limited. The further in advance the better especially during busy holiday periods and weekends.

It is possible that there may be spaces 'left on the day', but we'll need booking in advance to guarantee availability of instructor. Please drop us an e-mail or fill out the booking form to ensure lesson availability!

How can I book a lesson?

The easiest way to book a lesson is through our booking form. If you need some more help, advice or have any questions about your booking, please email us and we will be happy to assist you.

Can I extend my lesson on the day and learn more?

If we have available instructors, then we are happy to extend lessons on the day. Extensions from a half-day to a full-day pay the price difference between the two. One hour extensions are charged per hour.

What if I have to cancel?

Cancellations made by the customer are subject to the following fees:

  • 15 - 7 days before: 20%

  • 6 - 2 days before: 30%

  • Day before: 50%

  • Within 24 hours of the lesson: 100%

What happens if the weather is bad?

As long as the resort is open, we will run lessons. If the weather is so bad that the resort can’t open, we will either transport you to an alternative resort nearby that is open for your lesson, postpone pre-booked lessons to another date, or refund any lessons booked on that day.

If it looks like the weather might be bad enough to close the resort we will contact all of our customers with lessons booked on that day. Please check your the email account used to make your booking regularly in the days before the lesson.

The weather is always difficult to predict, so the resort may close on short notice.

How can I contact you?

  • Minakami area -

  • Myoko area -

  • Nozawa area -

  • Yuzawa area -

Business hours between 0900 AM and 1700 PM JST

Webform submissions available 24 hours and we aim to get back to you within 48 hours. You'll also be informed of our on the day contact number once you have confirmed booking.



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