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Canyons Co., Ltd.

Sustainability policy

Through our business, Canyons will strive for sustainable development in terms of the global environment, local communities, culture, and the health and livelihoods of the people involved.

Follow these norms for sustainable development:

1 Sustainability management and legal compliance

• Develop a sustainable action plan with clear goals, actions, measures, responsibilities and time plans.

・ We will strive to quantify, document, evaluate, improve, and implement sustainable plans.

・ Develop guidelines for sustainability.

・ Clarify all staff about sustainable efforts and encourage them to implement them.

・ Comply with national and regional laws and regulations.

2 Conservation of global environment and biodiversity

-Proactively reduce the use of disposable and consumer goods.

・ We support the purchase of sustainable products and services.

・ We will take measures to reduce the amount of PET bottles used. "

・ As for the paper to be used, we will prioritize the purchase of recycled products, FSC certified paper, etc. that are made with consideration for sustainability.

• Set the copier or press to double-sided printing or other formats of saving mode by default.

・ Prioritize the purchase of energy with less environmental impact as much as possible.

・ We will strive to save energy by switching off lighting and equipment when not in use.

・ Understand and manage power consumption, and strive for optimal operation without waste.

· Prioritize low energy equipment when purchasing new items, including cost and quality considerations. "

・ It is effectively treated in compliance with the domestic law of waste and wastewater treatment.

・ Minimize and substitute the use of harmful substances, and properly manage the storage, handling, and disposal of chemical substances.

・ We will formulate and implement policies for reducing and recycling solid waste.

-Separate all recyclable materials and organize collection and proper disposal.

-For printing ink and toner cartridges, prioritize the purchase of recycled and refillable products.

・ We do not sell or advertise endangered wild animal and plant species and historical archaeological relics on the Red List of CITES (Washington Convention) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as souvenirs.

・ We will always consider the impact on wildlife and natural ecosystems and strive to minimize the environmental burden.

3 Communication with customers

・ We will protect your personal information.

・ We will provide information on safety and work to avoid and prevent risks.

・ Providing information on sustainability,

・ We will improve customer satisfaction and service by conducting customer surveys and responding appropriately to customer complaints.

4 Communication with the community

・ We will implement sustainable initiatives and communicate them to the local community.

・ Actively utilize local ingredients and services.

5 Work environment where you can work with peace of mind

・ In compliance with laws and regulations, we will not be involved in any forced labor or child labor.

・ We will clarify wages and employment details and strive to build an occupational health and safety environment. Fluctuation