Kiho Town is located in the southeastern part of the Kii Peninsula.

It faces the Kumano Sea with Shichiri Mihama Beach in the east, Mihama Town lies to the north and Kumano City to the west. Shingu City in Wakayama Prefecture is across the Kumano River in the south.

The Kumano River runs along the border with Wakayama Prefecture, and part of this basin including Shichiri Mihama, Nara Prefecture, and Wakayama Prefecture is part of the Yoshino-Kumano National Park.

Michinoeki Umigame Koen

At the Sea Turtle Fureai Park, sea turtles are bred and researched, and you can observe real sea turtles swimming from the pool and underwater windows.

Hisetsu no Taki Camp Area

This is the perfect location to stay a night or two. You can camp right in front of the 30-meter-tall Tobiyuki Falls. There is also a sauna to relax in after a day out canyoning.

World Heritage "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range"

Mie Prefecture is the location of the three sacred sites of Kumano Sanzan, Yoshino/Omine, and Koyasan. It is also the site of the Kumano Pilgrimage Route (Kumano Kodo), Omine Okugake Michi, and Koyasan Choishimichi, which connects the shrines. It is a heritage that spreads over Nara Prefecture and Wakayama Prefecture.

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Kiho Town Home Page

The latest news from the Kiho town office

AJITO Hostel & Cafe Bar

The Newest Hostel near JR Shingu station. Only 10min by walk from station. There are many restaurants and shops around.

Fairfield by Marriott Mie Mihama

A hotel stands alongside the Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) "Park Shichiri-Go-Hama" in Go-Hama Town, which is located right in front of the Kumano Kodo Hamakaido, a World Heritage site. We are carrying out a project to build hotels next to Roadside Stations all across Japan.


It was opened in 2018 in the Oroshi district of Mihama-cho, Mie Prefecture, where Kumano Kodo remains. Located in the Mihama Local Lab, a renovated nursery school that is suspension, the facility welcomes visitors from Japan and overseas.


A private house for rent on an exclusive basis, limited to one group per day, located in Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture. There's also a Japanese sushi restaurant next door.

Kokoro Shokudo (cafeteria)

Named "Kokoro Shokudo" with the aspiration of creating a dining place where various people's emotions can meet and hearts can connect. It's a delightful eatery that emphasizes local ingredients and homemade, weekly-changing menus.

Kumano Satoyama Taiken NORA

A creative experiential space where you can engage in aroma distillation. The background music features the chirping of birds, the bleating of goats, the sound of the wind, and at times, the patter of rain. Workshops are conducted in a serene environment. Experience a menu that allows you to connect with the changing seasons in the countryside through your five senses, be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

Information of other Kansai area

Osaka Nagoya Kyoto Nara

Hotel & Rent a Car 660 (Wakayama)

It is close to tourist spots in Nachi-Katsuura such as Kumano Kodo "Daimonzaka", Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine, and Nachi Falls, and is a 2-minute walk from JR Kii-Katsuura Station. Rental cars can be arranged at the hotel, so you can start sightseeing right away.

JIYUJIYA (Wakayama)

A workation inn located in Nachikatsuura, Wakayama Prefecture. Located in a shopping district, you can enjoy your stay as if you were living there. There is also a co-working space that is also used by locals, so you can interact with them and get information unique to the area.

Guesthouse RICO (Wakayama)

Located in the center of Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, it is a very comfortable facility that renovated an old building over 50 years old and made use of old materials. We offer a variety of rooms, from dormitory rooms to completely private rooms.

Guest house Kukuru (Wakayama)

Only a 2 min. walk from the East Exit of JR Wakayama Station!Tatami-mats spread throughout the area create a modern Japanese atmosphere.

FON-SU bed & breakfast (Osaka)

This is a small designed hostel renovated from a vintage building, independently run by a local family.


A small complex located just a 30-second walk from Tsutenkaku, the iconic symbol of Osaka's Shinsekai district. This accommodation is popular among backpackers and is situated in an area that retains the traditional cityscape while being at the base of Tsutenkaku.

Hostel Chillax (Osaka)

An accommodation with seven rooms located in the Minami district near the Minato-machi River Place Convention Center. It boasts a convenient location close to dining options and the bustling nightlife.


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