Sitting on the border of Gunma and Niigata Prefectures, Minakami town in Gunma is just 2 hours away from Tokyo and the metropolitan area. Minakami is at the head of the Tone River and the start of the climb up Tanigawadake. Come and enjoy the nature in the amazing natural environment.


Stunning Hiking in an area that is rich energy within japans second largest national park.

Takumi No Sato

Traditional Culture: Learn how to Make Soba noodles, masks, Japanese paper, etc.

Hot spring (Onsen)

Soak your tired body in one of Minakami's many natural onsen - a true Japanese Experience


Ikufudo Meat Restaurant

Award winning meat shop and restaurant serving cured meats, smoked hams, pork and gourmet sausages.

30 minutes walk or 5 minute drive from Canyons

Kadoya Soba Restaurant 角弥

Fantastic homemade soba noodles entirely made by hand

5 minutes walk from Canyons

LaBiere Oven baked pizza restaurant ラビエール

The oven-baked pizza and the melting pudding are highly recommended

3 minutes walk from Minakami Station and 10 minutes from Canyons by car

Ashima Cafe & Restaurant 亜詩麻

Northern European style restaurant that serves a famous baked curry

7 minutes from Canyons by car

Sae Restaurant 彩絵

Great views of Tanigawadake. They serve many pasta dishes with handmade sauces.

10 minutes from Canyons by car.

Canyons Riverside Oasis Glamping

The perfect stay for those that want the beauty of nature but comforts of home. Great package deals with tours also available.

Canyons' Alpine Lodge

Relax and refresh by staying at our Canyons' Alpine Lodge. No need to rush in the morning or go anywhere, our canyoning and rafting tours depart directly from the lodge. Prices start from just 11 000 JPY per person including half day tour, 1 night lodge stay and breakfast.

Other recommended accommodation

Minakami has a wide range of accommodation options with everything from onsen ryokan, lodges, minshuku and camp grounds. Have a look around and you are sure to find something that meets you requirements. Canyons also have some special package deals with local places to stay and you can book these directly with the accommodations themselves.

Apart from bookings at Canyons Alpine Lodge or Riverside Oasis Glamping, we are unable to make bookings at other accommodations on your behalf so please feel free to contact local providers yourself. Here are some we recommend...


Calming interiors filled with the scent of the local trees. A breeze that reaches the lounge on the second floor. Great views of Asahidake that is snow-capped until June, and on a clear day up to the impressive Tanigawadake.


It is the closest accommodation to Canyons - just a two minute walk. They are especially proud of their onsen and the delicious food handmade by the lady of the house from the best of the seasonal ingredients.


This spacious 60 hectare campground sits at an elevation of 1000 meters on the slopes of Mount Hotaka surrounded by pristine nature. It is the perfect base for your outdoor adventures and there are also craft and pottery workshops available.


This hotel was a favorite of the famous artist Kiyoshi Yamashita, often known as "The Naked General". Top picks here are the mural by Kiyoshi-san "Haniwa furo", and enjoying your meal by the side of a traditional Japanese hearth.


Tucked away at the very end of Tanigawa Onsen, this area is incredibly peaceful. Sitting on top of its very own natural hot spring source, you can sit back in the outdoor bath that it feeds and marvel at the stunning natural beauty of the four seasons.


One of the highlights here is the view from the wide, open private outside bath. Another big draw that brings lots of guests back for a repeat visit is the fabulous contintental cuisine - delicious with generous portions.


This is the ryokan attached to Japan's largest outdoor onsen. Kick back and relax as you enjoy the beauty of each season reflected in the nature of the Okutone and the play of the Takaragawa.


A mountain lodge in the Joetsu National Park run by an Australian/Korean couple and their family. Just 500 meters away from the Tanigawadake Ropeway and Tenjindaira Ski Resort.

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