2023 Green season special tours

Updated at July 5th,2023


May 3rd Full day Rafting[Minakami]
May 4th Full day Rafting[Minakami]
May 5th Full day Rafting[Minakami]
May 6th Full day Rafting[Minakami]

May 21st Super Full day Rafting [Minakami]
May 28th Super Full day Rafting [Minakami]


May 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Mie Canyon Lv.4-5 [Kiho]※will post the details later

June 10th, 11th 2Days Canyoning technical training day ※will post the details later

June 17th ULT Poizon Lv.5[Kusatsu]
June 18th ULT Poizon Lv.5[Kusatsu]
June 24th Mega Mononoke Lv.4 [Okutama]
June 25th Mega Mononoke Lv.4 [Okutama]

July 1st ULT Garan Lv.5 [Akagi]
July 2nd ULT Garan Lv.5 [Akagi]
July 8th ULT Poizon Lv.5[Kusatsu]
July 9th ULT Poizon Lv.5[Kusatsu]

July 28th Mega Orochi Lv.4 [Izu]
July 29th Mega Orochi Lv.4 [Izu]
July 30th Mega Orochi Lv.4 [Izu]
July 31st Mega Orochi Lv.4 [Izu]

August 1st  Mega Orochi Lv.4 [Izu]
August 19th Mega Maple Lv.4 [Minakami]
August 20th Mega Maple Lv.4 [Minakami]
August 26th ULT Crystal Lv.5 [Niigata]
August 27th ULT Crystal Lv.5 [Niigata]

September 2nd ULT Crystal Lv.5 [Niigata]
September 9th ULT Poizon Lv.5[Kusatsu]
September 10th ULT Poizon Lv.5[Kusatsu]

September 15th SEC Iron Lv.6 [Secret] NEW!!
September 17th SEC Iron Lv.6 [Secret]
September 18th SEC Iron Lv.6 [Secret]
September 23rd ULT Emerald Lv.5+ [Yamanashi]
September 24th ULT Emerald Lv.5+ [Yamanashi]
September 25th ULT Emerald Lv.5+ [Yamanashi]
September 26th ULT Emerald Lv.5+ [Yamanashi]