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If you have been following us on social media, you will have noticed that yesterday we started a mini-series of images showing some highlights from our SPECIAL canyoning tours this season. The images will be continuing over the next few days and showing some of the highlights from tours this month in Gunma, Niigata, Yamanashi, and even a tour that we run in a SECRET location.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to ask Joe, one of our canyoning guides, to write a short piece about these tours, to let you know what makes them so SPECIAL!

Read on to find out more...

Hey, I’m Joe. I have been working for Canyons for almost 5 years now and have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to be one of the guides for many of our SPECIAL tours.

The most obvious thing that makes these tours so different is the location. Unlike some of our more popular canyoning tours, these locations are a little more difficult to reach, often requiring long hikes, both before and after, just to reach the canyon. The positive side of this is that it means that we have the area to ourselves, which is perfect for taking the time to fully experience the tour.

Our MEGA, ULTIMATE and SECRET tours are all full-day tours. This means that you can be in the canyon for several hours at a time and even have the opportunity to take a lunch break inside some of the most beautiful locations in Japan (packed lunches are provided by Canyons as part of the tour cost). This is often one of the most enjoyable sections of the day as it gives everyone a chance to relax and chat about the morning, whilst playing in the water and mentally preparing for what is still to come.

Although these are all great points, for me this isn’t what makes the tours so SPECIAL. The thing that makes these tours worth all of that extra effort is the individual journey. These tours are not easy, they will challenge you mentally and physically. With waterfalls that can be 60+ metres and all different types of terrain to scramble through/slide down, each tour has enough to push everyone. No matter your previous experience, by the end of the day you will need to overcome your own limits in some way.

The feeling that comes at the end of the day, when you arrive safely back at the vehicles and reflect on what you have achieved, is what makes these tours so SPECIAL.

Please keep in mind that these canyoning tours are bookable for members who have reached Level 4, 5, and 6 status. Check out our earlier post on “Choosing a canyoning course” and your customer profile to find out which level you can join.


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