Meet the Team: Aoife Williams

Canyons is not just a company, but it's a community.

The people that run Canyons are not just employees but they are family.

We want to share their story with you!

Aoife is currently in her first season working with Canyons!

She loves Japan and she loves rafting so combining them together is absolutely awesome for her!

Rafting Japan

Aoife is from the UK. She came to Japan in November last year chasing the best powder in the world!

"And it didn't fail to impress!" she said.

Rafting Japan

What does your day-to-day look like?

I have just finished my rafting training so I'm getting ready to get on the water!

Why did you become a rafting guide?

It's great to take people down the river who may not have had an experience like this before! You get to meet new people, travel the world and share my passion! The freedom of the river is like no other!

Rafting Japan

What's your favourite part of working with Canyons?

The team and the customers make the whole experience a blast.

Where are your favourite parts of Japan to explore?

I love exploring Japan's rivers and canyons. Seeing a part of Japan others may not even know about!

What is it like to live in Minakami?

So chill! It's such a cool place to work and hang out surrounded by nature, with loads of swimming and BBQs!

Rafting Japan

What's your favourite Canyons course?

The full-day rafting experience! The course is fun and the scenery along the way is so beautiful! A quick stop for a hot lunch and then you're back in the water for more rapids and splash!

Rafting Japan

Why should people try rafting in Japan?

High water is epic and this part of Japan feels like such a hidden gem! It's a really unusual river, flowing through three different gorges and the town itself - you get to see such a contrast, it's awesome and I love it!

Rafting Japan



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