Hungry in Minakami?

Minakami is the epicenter of summertime adventure with a great array of outdoor activities to keep you busy from sunrise to sunset, and when it’s time to eat there are many options to choose from. 

Let’s explore some of the highly recommended options by our Canyons crew, you trust them in the river so let’s take it to the table!

Note: Please check directly with the restaurants for opening times and any COVID restrictions

Our Crews Top Recommendations For Food in Minakami

Alpine Lodge Cafe & Bar

PRICE RANGE ¥150-¥1500  - CUISINE Western - MENU English & Japanese 

Offering a laid-back, riverside atmosphere, where you can kick back after a day on the river. The cafe serves Canyons tour participants with lunchtime burger meal sets, multiple after tour snack options, drinks and there is even a BBQ meal plan available for afternoon/evening dining (pre-booking required).

Canyoning Guide Kohei recommends the Canyons Burger and Wedges - the portions are HUGE!!!!

La Biere

PRICE RANGE ¥800-¥1800 - CUISINE Pizza, Italian - MENU English & Japanese 

La Biere is a pizzeria located on the main onsen street. The dough is handmade using Minakami spring waters and local ingredients, and they have their own brick oven allowing them to bake each order to perfection.

Rafting Guide Craig recommends the Four Cheese or Ham & Rocket - Great thin base, super tasty toppings, hot sauce available

あしま園  Ashima-en

PRICE RANGE ¥450-¥1300 - CUISINE Japanese Curry - MENU Japanese and English 

This restaurant is much loved by Minakami locals and offers a small but delicious menu. It is located on the main road out of town and is not to be confused with Asima Cafe which is on the other side of the road. If you are looking for an unassuming and super casual place to eat with mountainous portions, look no further. As their friendly sign outside says “Come in for hot coffee and great food!”

Canyoning Guide Toshi recommends the Katsu Curry - Tasty and cheap

Skinny Arms Bar & Grill

PRICE RANGE everything is ¥500! - CUISINE Western - MENU English & Japanese

Drop by to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at the Skinny Arms Bar & Grill. A perfect place to have fun with old friends and meet new ones. Complete with ample seating, a FREE pool table, bar menu, and snack foods selection all for the wallet-friendly price of ¥500. 

Canyoning Guide Fergus recommends the Smash Burger & Chicken Wings - It’s cheap and delicious; The owner and chef (Dex) can customize the spice level for the wings to your preference!

小さなレストラン彩絵 SAE  

PRICE RANGE ¥1000-¥3000 - CUISINE Italian - MENU Japanese only

A small restaurant offering a wide range of fine dishes made with colorful seasonal ingredients. Set course menus are also available that include pasta and pizza. There is indoor and outdoor terrace seating so you can enjoy your meal while taking in the wonderful scenery. 

Head of Finance Akie recommends the homely Italian food while watching Mount Tanigawa


PRICE RANGE ¥180-¥450 - CUISINE Japanese - MENU Japanese only 

A rice ball shop offering “onigiri” made from the spring water of Mt. Tanigawa and the finest rice. They use a plethora of local ingredients such as Maitake mushrooms, dried plums, and Gunma barley pork and make all their rice balls by hand. Recommended for hikers who are heading to Mount Tanigawa.

Guest Services Akiko recommends the Cream cheese & salmon Onigiri - They use local seasonal toppings! 

Minakami’s fresh and pure water also helps produce tasty coffee and sake. Don’t forget to try them!


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