Become a Canyons Guide

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How to be a Canyons guide

Step 1. Online training

Once you have been approved, you will receive pre-training material and instructions, which needs to be completed before the in town phase.

Step 2. In town training

The in-town phase will be a combination of skill development days and a one-week field training.

Step 3. In field training

For who those met the criteria, this final phase will be the transition into fields as a trainee, gaining further experience and developing skills required to be a guide. It will have a minimum of 30 trips as a trainee before qualifying as a guide. The final assessment will be completed after a minimum of 30 complete trips as a trainee.

Training Location:

Minakami, Gunma

Staff Accommodation

Canyons dormitory-style lodging will be available during the In Town training for the trainees. The kitchen and showers will be communal. Summer housing is varied based on personal development interests and for all trainees that pass the in town training phase, we will provide lodging for the summer season. The cost of the monthly rent is JPY30,000/person for shared rooms and JPY45,000/person for individual rooms.


Crew lunch

Crew lunch is available when there are scheduled tours throughout the season. The cost is JPY250/lunch and needs to be booked daily. During the training period, Canyons will be covering the trainee lunch when training full-day.

Canyons Tour and Accommodation discounts

Canyons encourage its crew to participate in the activities, as well as invite friends and family to participate in the activities using the Canyons Discount Program

Pro Deals

Outdoor gear deals from major outdoor brands are available for Canyons crew.

Closing Date for Application

All applications must be submitted by December 30th, 2023. Applicants will be given an update or an invitation to interview shortly after the deadline. Final decisions will be announced by January 30th, 2024.


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