Location Spotlight: Okutama

Okutama Canyoning Japan

About the area

Our adventure season in Okutama, opens around mid-April and lasts all the way until late October. The area receives little snow, meaning we can get out and adventure for longer!

Okutama is a popular destination for people who live in Tokyo. On summer weekends, the rivers are lined with campers and BBQs!

It's a great weekend getaway. Alongside taking part in one of our tours, you can take a cable car up Mt Mitake, explore the largest cave system in the Kanto Plains and relax in Onsen after your adventure!


Our two main canyoning courses in Okutama are called Mononoke and Big Mononoke!

Mononoke is the perfect canyon for you if you've never tried canyoning before and you're feeling a little nervous!

It has all the essential elements of canyoning, including sliders, jumps and rope work, meaning its the perfect introductory experience.

Our Big Mononoke course, offers more of a thrilling challenge, including some epic jump options and a 25 metre zip line!

There is also Holy Canyon and Big Holy Canyon, both offering a more technical canyoning trip!

Okutama Canyoning Japan


If you have some paddling experience, packrafting along the mellow Tama River is an excellent next step!

We offer two levels of packrafting tours! The section of the river we run the tours on are not used by any other company, meaning you get to enjoy the tranquil nature all to yourself!

Okutama Canyoning Japan

Stop for lunch

At our Okutama base, we also run our very own Cafe Awa, located next to the picturesque turquoise-coloured Tama River.

After an epic adventure tour, you can relax by the river and enjoy a tasty meal!

Our recommendations are the Volcano! This is tender roast beef or venison on a mountain of rice, topped with a raw egg and wasabi mayonnaise!

For the vegetarians, we have a veggie and tofu curry cooked in a creamy coconut sauce, yum!




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    2024年のサマーシーズン、自然の中でのアドベンチャーを求める方々へスペシャルな体験をお届け! キャニオニングとラフティングの両方を体験して、絶景の渓谷や激流を満喫しませんか?キャニオンズでは安全を最優先に、経験豊富なガイドがみなさまをお連れします。 心躍る冒険と自然の美しさに触れる、忘れられない体験をお約束します。 お早めの予約をお勧めします!」


    キャニオニングを始める方必見です! 大人気のアウトドアアクティビティ、キャニオニングは、滝つぼへのダイブ、ウォータースライダー、ジップラインといった様々なアクションを取り入れながら渓谷をダイナミックに下ります! 本記事ではキャニオニングの基本知識から楽しみ方まで、初心者向けにわかりやすく解説します。