Canyons covid-19 protocols

At Canyons we take safety and tour quality very seriously. That's why we have created new protocols to be able to run safe and awesome experiences among the current Covid-19 situation.  These protocols are based on regulations, guidelines and best practices from:

Swiss Outdoor Association, International Canyoning Association, Minakami Outdoor Association, Japan Ministry of health, labour and welfare, Gunma PrefectureWe believe by implementing the measures outlined below, we can run small, customized, high quality tours in a safe manner.  We look forward to REFRESHing you all with some well deserved world class adventures!



Hand wash & sanitizing - When arriving at Canyons and regularly throughout the day.

Masks - Wearing masks OR face shield before and after tours. 

Keeping physical distance - When at Canyons base, in vehicles and while on tour we will assure physical distance.

Use of well ventilated spaces - Any indoor spaces used will be kept well ventilated to ensure fresh air.

Sanitization of gear and surfaces - Sanitization of all gear and surfaces after each use will be implemented.

Health monitoring of Canyons crew and tour guests - A survey and temperature check for all staff and guests.

Ensuring necessary information relayed to Canyons crew and tour guests

Constant monitoring of our protocols - Daily review of operations and current guidelines

Small tours - To achieve the above we will be limiting guest numbers on tours:

Canyoning: 12 people per tour 

Packrafting: 8 people per tour

Rafting: 7 people per boat

If you are not comfortable sharing a tour or boat then you can also book a Private Tour

>>A more detailed version of our Covid-19 operations protocols



Minakami tours - June 6th

Minakami accommodation - July 1st

Okutama tours - July 1st



Please do not come on tours if you have been in contact with someone infected with Covid-19 in the past 14 days OR are showing symptoms of Covid-19; Temperature over 37.5, loss of smell or taste, cough. You can cancel with no fee OR rebook for a later date.

Please refrain from booking if you are over 65 years old OR have any underlying health issues that put you in a "high risk" category for Covid-19. 

Please bring your own mask to use pre/post tour.

Please come with your swimwear on under clothes to speed up the changing process. (less time indoors)

Please let us know if you are NOT comfortable being in close contact with the people you have booked with. (ie. You require physical distance among your own booked group)

Where possible please travel to Canyons using private transport and avoid stopping at other local shops unless you consult Canyons first.



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2024年のサマーシーズン、自然の中でのアドベンチャーを求める方々へスペシャルな体験をお届け! キャニオニングとラフティングの両方を体験して、絶景の渓谷や激流を満喫しませんか?キャニオンズでは安全を最優先に、経験豊富なガイドがみなさまをお連れします。 心躍る冒険と自然の美しさに触れる、忘れられない体験をお約束します。 お早めの予約をお勧めします!」


キャニオニングを始める方必見です! 大人気のアウトドアアクティビティ、キャニオニングは、滝つぼへのダイブ、ウォータースライダー、ジップラインといった様々なアクションを取り入れながら渓谷をダイナミックに下ります! 本記事ではキャニオニングの基本知識から楽しみ方まで、初心者向けにわかりやすく解説します。